Citrus Lemon Zester & Cheese Grater File

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  • COMFORTABLE TO USE & BUILT TO LAST  The Grater-Zester has a razor-sharp stainless steel blade that won't rust and a comfortable, non-slip handle. Its unique curved sides make it extremely rigid and allow you to apply more force when it's needed.
  • SAVE SPACE IN THE KITCHEN  Replace your bulky, unsafe, and hard-to-clean box grater or heavy electric food processor with a single Deiss Grater-Slicer. The metal grater's teeth won't clog up the way other graters do, so it's a snap to clean. Just pass it under running water.
  • IMPROVE YOUR COOKING  Amaze your friends with new, restaurant-like recipes. Add strong new flavors with freshly zested ingredients without any bitter pith taste. When using the grater with hard cheeses such as Parmesan, you'll get a nice pile of cheese that melts almost instantly on hot pasta.
  • ZESTING & GRATING HAVE NEVER BEEN SO SIMPLE  Shear the hardest cheese into grated fluff using almost no pressure. Simply zip the cutter-knife across the rinds of oranges, lemons and limes. In seconds, you can have finely grated garlic or ginger or treat yourself to a favorite dessert topped with fluffy chocolate flakes.
  • The  Grater-Zester: the Easiest Way to Zest Citrus And Grate Cheese
The most time-consuming part of cooking recipes that require zest is carefully peeling off the white pith inside the peel. Pith is very bitter and can ruin your recipe. Unlike an old fashioned mandolin or julienne peeler, the Shredder-Zester gives you zest in 30 seconds! You end up with perfect tiny zest curls - effortlessly. Discover gourmet tastes in well-known and favorite dishes by adding freshly grated spice like ginger. So why wait to create new fruit dishes or fine vegetable salad - get your professional The Grater-Zester today! 
  • A Universal Tool That Makes Daily Cooking Easy!
  • High-quality stainless steel that won't rust
  • Non-Slip Soft Handle for Good Grips
  • Razor Sharp, Safe and Durable Edges
  • Plastic Protective Cover for Safety Storage and Easy Washing by Hand
  • Easy to Clean & Dishwasher Safe 
Hard cheeses are a snap to grate as well - particularly if you like a finer shredding than most traditional box graters with container can produce. The handheld cheese grater produces tiny, ribbon-like curls, not hard little granules. Because of its unique shape, the grated cheese melts almost instantly in your plate.
Finally ... The Best Tool That Helps You Easily Grate & Zest Anything
The Zester - Grater's sharp grating edges allows you to zest and grate almost anything - coconut, potato, cabbage, apple, lemon, lime, orange, onion, papaya, nutmeg, cinnamon, garlic, carrot, chocolate, etc.
Consider picking up an extra one for a family member, love one or a friend. It makes a perfect gift!
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